Thursday, June 4, 2009

Freelancers – A New Breed of Online Independent Workers

A freelancer is someone who earns money by selling his or her services to several different organizations rather than being employed by any particular concern. The term was iconized by Alexander Dumas in his classic “The three Musketeers.”

The IT era has opened up a haven of opportunities to freelancers to work from the comfort of their homes. The idea is catching up like a wild fire and more and more business houses are outsourcing jobs to freelancers. Any desk job can be got finished by freelancers. There are no limitations to the quantum of jobs that can be entrusted to a freelancer. The pre-requisites for awarding a job can be decided by the employer and the employee can also put in reasonable norms.

Just like any professional, the fees of freelancers also vary depending on their qualification, work experience, references and the quality of completed assignments. However, the modes of payments can be worked out by both the parties through mutual consent. Well established freelancers may demand for an upfront for fixed price assignments. Sometimes there may be a contract detailing out all the specifications of the job including deadlines, payment modes and even submitting progress reports.

Free lancers are also referred to by the term ‘independent contractors.’ The availability of talent has made more organizations to seek freelancers to get their jobs finished in time. The fierce competition and the absence of a trade union umbrella compel freelancers to turn out quality output meeting with deadlines. However, there are groups of freelancers who form a team of their own to complete jobs that involve large volumes. Such association only improves the quality and turnaround time and is in fact a boon to buyers who are forced to spend time searching for providers. Being associated with a team benefits the vendor also to a great extent. Other team members who are better at finding jobs can do the job search part while the remaining can concentrate on assignments.

The advance of the internet has opened up a whole new arena of opportunities to both the provider and the buyer. Many sites have come up that specialize in providing freelancer services. Job seekers as well as prospective employers flock to such reputed directories to find better results. A good website that acts as a rendezvous for the buyers of services and the providers is in much demand and millions of bucks are generated through the system.

The freelancing system has revolutionized the labor norms for skilled jobs while standardizing many accepted rules of developed nations.

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