Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Starting an Internet small business

"My area has a shortage of jobs and we have severe unemployment problems. I believe the only chance for me is to start my own business through Internet, but I have little start up capital. What should I do?" This could be some of voices you hear nowadays, but nevertheless you still have the opportunity to do it.

Lately companies that get the headlines are Dot.com start-ups with millions of dollars in venture capital. But it's quite possible to grow a good business on the Web with low initial investment -- it just takes longer, or may be a little bit more hard work. Here are some ideas:

  • Define the area of business
    Find an business area that still gaps waiting to be filled. Some big companies may think the profit is too small for them to feed their payroll -- it could be an opportunity for you.

  • Business plan
    Develop a business plan to meet the need you've identified. Focus on selling goods or services as your main income source, relying on affiliate programs and advertising only as secondary revenue streams.

  • Get the right people
    If you don't have all the resources you need, find people in your area and form a small company, pooling your talents and capital. Friends and family members are good source of manpower if you really look into it.

  • Website
    Find a local designer to build a website with a professional look. Don't rely on your own talents here if you are not a Web developer. Outsource the development, but perform regular maintenance yourself. An interactive website can serve as your customer service frontdoor, 24 hours a day.

  • Advertisement
    Look for inexpensive ways to advertise. Subscribe to the search engines and directory listing sites, link exchange with other websites, or may be spend a little as ad on local small-scale magazines. You can ask for exhange of services too and they would happy to work with you.

  • Focus on the core business
    Concentrate your efforts on the core business. Always makes quality delivery of products and services. Good products / services is key to gain loyal customers. Put yourself in their shoes, treat them as you treat yourself. They will come back for more.

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