Saturday, May 23, 2009

Shift from Employee to Entreprenuer

Being an entrepreneur (running your own business) you should look into the both sides of the coin.

What you'll be missing:
  • Paid salary
    No more stable (or increasing) monthly salary from your boss. You gotta pay yourself. If you don't make it, think of soya sauce with plain rice to be your meals.

  • Paid holidays / trips
    No more paid holidays or paid trips. Now start save & pay for your next trip if you lucky to get a holiday.

  • Office utilities
    Start enjoy paying the bills. Forget about paid travel expenses & entertainment fees by your boss. Used to so nice to have a hand phone as you call when you like it, eh?

  • Backup
    When you fail, you got your boss to fall back to. Now think of there is no one you can lean on when things go wrong. All things come to lean on you.

  • Fix working hour
    Forget about 9 to 5. Forget about a relaxing job. Enterpreneur works 3x harder than employee. Work relaxly on weekend (Friday, Sat) before Sunday? Not anymore. You may typing proposal when others are sleeping nicely.

  • Insurance, benefits
    Start looking out those insurance or retirement plans. You have to worry it not for yourself. Self pitty doesn't work here.

  • MC
    You can have MC but would your customer allow you to? Start learning to talk professionally on the phone while you lying half dead on the bed.

What you'll be seeing:
  1. You get what you give
    You will come to see to believe. You'll understand what means "what comes around goes around". How much you gonna make is how much you putting in. Hard work always pay off -- may not be in money form alone. For God sake the return is always more than you expect if you stop thinking how much you shall make out of it.

  2. Commitment
    You will see interest, money, skill & luck alone ain't enough. Commitment counts. Commitment bring you motivation, give you preserverance to go on again & again when you fall.

  3. See better
    A lot of things in life you don't see when you're kept protected in a cage (office box). You'll see more & better when you're on the road. You will come to appreciate every little things that come around. You will appreciate others more.

  4. Flexi hour
    Yes it is true but mis-interpreted by most. Flexi hour here means you are still working even on the rest hours, such as midnite, lunch / dinner time. But you may be having coffee too at cafe when others working in their office box.

  5. Little details
    You have to pay attention to among all things & very little details. You will understand why little things make a difference.

  6. Care for others
    You will learn to care about others or you are out. Back to (1) what you want others do to you you do to others. Customers will appreciate you when you care for them. At the mean time you need family & friends to care about you otherwise your business & life are out.

  7. Self discipline
    You gotta ensure your work get done. Customers do not beg or wait for you to have "mood" to sell them what they want.

  8. Take risk
    No risk mean no venture. Again you learn to fall back on yourself when things failed. That come strategy planning and what make entrepreneur fun. You decide where you want to go instead a boss decide where you go.

  9. Patience
    You need patience to rearch your destination. Before profit surface there are ups & downs, and possibiliy no income.

  10. Control & achievement
    You get all the rewards for your achievement. Believe me, point (1) is real. The result is always more than you expect if you really worked hard. Basically you are controlling your future. You decide where you go.

Well the rest are no jam, no silly dress-up and no silly direction to follow. There may not be all worked out as expected, but again, why not?

Enjoy the ride in life.

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