Monday, July 21, 2008

The County Medical Examiners - Forensic Fugues And Medicolegal Medleys


1. Autopsy Suite
2. Medicocriminal Entomology
3. Vitreous Humor
4. Epicedium For Epidermal Slippage
5. NH2(CH2)4NH2 & C5H14N2 (Putrescine & Cadaverine)
6. Organ Harvest (The Anatomical Gift Act)
7. Rigor Mortis: Posthumous Muscular Rigidity
8. Algor Mortis: The Linear Rate of Cadaveric Cooling
9. Livor Mortis: Gravitational Blood Pooling
10. Pugilistic Burn Postures
11. Y-Shaped Thoracoabdominal Incision
12. Y=1285/X


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