Thursday, June 5, 2008

Venereal Messiah - Decorations of Decapitation (2008)

Credit: danmetal release

1.Arterial Spray
2.Disposible Enema
3.Engulfing The Remnants Of A Devoured Womb
4.Compete (Rasp Cover)
5.Prelude To A Suicide (Instrumental)
6.Impaled Erection
7.The Butcher
8.Mutilated Genitalia
9.Postmortem Mutilation
10.C-Train Dissection
11.Engraved In Gore
12.Entrails Extracted
13.Gruesomely Gutted
14.Splintered Shit Stick
15.Bloody Anal Drip
16.Fecal Decay
17.Rancid Vaginal Taco Chees
18.Beware The Mullet
19.Mortally Wounded
20.Hooked Flesh 01:42
21.Precoital Evisceration
22.Afterbirth Engorgement
23.Eye Socket Sodomy


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