Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Austrian Death Machine - Total Brutal (2008)

Credit: B-Media

1. Hello California
2. Get To The Choppa
3. Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers
4. All Of The Songs Sound The Same
5. I Am A Cybernetic Organism, Living Tissue Over (Metal) Endoskeleton
6. Come With Me If You Want To Live
7. What It's like To Be A Singer At Band Practice
8. Who Is Your Daddy, And What Does He Do?
9. You Have Just Been Erased
10. Broo-Tall Song Idea
11. Here Is Subzero, Now Plain Zero
12. So Far, So Good, So Let's Talk About It
13. Screw You (Benny)
14. Why?
15. If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It
16. It's Not A Tumor
17. Not So Hidden Track


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