Monday, March 31, 2008

See You Next Tuesday - Parasite (2007)

Baby, You Make Me Wish I Had Three Hands
Good Christians Don't Get Jiggy with It Till After Marriage
Honey, I've Never Had Sex That Wasn't Awkward
Before I Die, I'm Gonna Fuck Me a Fish
Here, Take This Pill
How to Survive a Vicious Cock Fight
Just out of Curiousity, Are Your Parents Siblings?
8 Dead, 9 If You Count the Fetus
Man Dude vs. Dude-Brah (Where's the Party At?)
Let's Go Halvsies on a Bastard
Portable Death Ray and a Sterile Claw Hammer
Pogonotrophy, Pt. 1: The Hunter
Pogonotrophy, Pt. 2: The Parasite


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