Monday, March 31, 2008

No Use For A Name - The Feel Good Record Of The Year [2008]

Artist: No Use For A Name
Album: The Feel Good Record Of The Year
Genre: Rock/Hardcore
Year: 2008
01. Biggest Lie
02. I Want To Be Wrong
03. Yours To Destroy
04. Under The Garden
05. Sleeping Between Trucks
06. Domino
07. The Feel Good Song Of The Year
08. The Trumpet Player
09. Night Of The Living Living
10. Ontario
11. Pacific Standard Time
12. The Dregs Of Sobriety
13. Kill The Rich
14. Take It Home
Download: Easy-Share
Password: feco

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Anonymous said...

Are you trying to tell us that you are a right-wing extremist?
No more hate, no more love. Just be, and everything will make sense. (not)
There was a story about this in our newspaper. People come to steal other people's content from blogs and then publish on their own sites.
Look at me I'm posting comments. Feels good, I hope my ramblings don't get removed by the admins :)

Windows isn't a virus... Viruses do something...

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