Thursday, May 29, 2008

Silverstein Discography

Album: Arrivals And Departures
Year: 2007
Credit: Schatten Stieg

1. Sound Of The Sun
2. Bodies And Words
3. If You Could See Into My Soul
4. Worlds Apart
5. My Disaster
6. Still Dreaming
7. The Sand Will Turn To Glass
8. Here, Today Gone Tomorrow
9. Vanity And Greed
10. Love With Caution
11. True Romance

Pass: schattenstieg

Album: 18 Candles: The Early Years
Year: 2006
Credit: Schatten Stieg

Track List:
01. Waiting Four Years
02. Wish I Could Forget You
03. Friends In Fallriver
04. Summers Stellar Gaze
05. My Consolation
06. Forever and a Day
07. Red Light Pledge
08. Dawn Of The Fall
09. Wish I Could Forget You (Alternate Vesrion)
10. Bleeds No More
11. Last Days Of Summer
12. Waiting Four Years (Alternate Version)
13. My Heroine (Acoustic)
14. Call It Karma (Acoustic)
15. Discovering The Waterfront (Live)
16. Defend You (Live)
17. Bleeds No More (Live)
18. Smile in Your Sleep (Remix)

Pass: schattenstieg

Album: Discovering The Waterfront
Year: 2005
Credit: Schatten Stieg

01. Your Sword vs. my Dagger
02. Smile in your Sleep
03. The Ides of March
04. Fist Wrapped in Blood
05. Discovering the Waterfront
06. Defend you
07. My Heroine
08. Always and Never
09. Already Dead
10. Three Hours Back
11. Call it Karma

Pass: schattenstieg

Album: When Broken Is Easily Fixed
Year: 2003

Credit: Schatten Stieg

01. Smashed into Pieces
02. Red Light Pledge
03. Giving Up
04. November
05. Last Days of Summer
06. Bleeds No More
07. Hear Me Out
08. The Weak and the Wounded
09. Wish I Could Forget You
10. When Broken Is Easily Fixed
11. Friends In Fall River
12. Forever And A Day

Pass: schattenstieg

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